We started Tierra Buena Company for two reasons: to offer a product that we believe is truly remarkable and to be a funnel of resources to help women and children who are sexually enslaved.

When choosing the name “Tierra Buena” we loved the word picture of “good earth” but had no idea until months later that our flagship product would be calcium bentonite clay – truly the best dirt on earth! We always suspected that our customers would love this high-quality clay, but it wasn’t until our research of its properties we realized, with great delight, that we’d been given an amazing gift!

We are absolutely thrilled to be offering you a product that is impressive in its ability to support the body’s systems in so many diverse ways. It validates our firm belief that God has lovingly provided us, in creation, with everything we need to sustain our bodies and live abundantly.

Our hope is that through the abundance we are given, hope and dramatic change can be provided for victims of human trafficking. Please read below to understand our deep heart for those who are tragically exploited. Will you stand with us? Thank you.


The mission of Tierra Buena Company, LLC from the very beginning has always been about creating a better world for all of us.

To that end we are committed to funneling 15% of every purchase along with other resources to stop human trafficking by offering an exceptional product that harnesses the life–giving power of creation.

Be sure to click below to find out more and see how your contributions could help save a life!