If you are like many of us, you have great concern about the toxin assault that is part of our modern-day culture. Whether it is pesticides and herbicides in the foods we eat, contaminants in the water we drink, pollutants in the air or chemicals in the products we use, we are bombarded daily with external toxins that can overload the liver and compromise the immune system. How do we effectively defend ourselves from these unseen but pervasive invaders?

Additionally there is the “other” toxin assault – antibiotic-resistant bacteria, fungi, free radicals, and microbial infestations. These stealthy microbes attack and compromise our immune system and overall health with disastrous results.

Modern-day researchers have discovered what indigenous peoples all over the world have known for thousands of years – clay has powerful properties to detoxify, revitalize and heal. Its unique electromagnetic energy hunts down toxins, absorbs them, and carries them away, leaving behind potent healing energy that stimulates cellular reproduction and revitalization.

We all want to live healthy, energetic lives. The toxins in our food, environment and even products we use, block that path. These invaders rob us of the abundant life we crave and Pure Clay® helps draw those toxins out, clearing a path to your best life!


The beauty of Pure Clay® is its electromagnetic drawing power. Put simply: as we eat and breathe, toxic material is either entering or exiting our cells; things like heavy metals, parasites, bacteria, fungi and free radicals. These toxins are positively charged. Every hydrated clay molecule has a negative charge. The clay draws these toxins to its surface, grabbing them like Velcro. The clay molecule then swells like a multi-layered sponge, absorbing the toxins and carrying them away. At the same time, the living energy of Pure Clay® penetrates into your body, stimulating deep cellular renewal. When taken internally, the clay itself is not absorbed in the intestinal tract; it is eliminated, but it may release dozens of beneficial trace minerals. With an alkaline pH of about 9.8, Pure Clay® can alkalize and balance the pH of your system, providing valuable immune system support.